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MoMs Meet!


Chloe's Blessing

Chloe's Blessing

Meet Ouleye 

Hi! I'm Chloe's Mom.  Some call me Mrs. Warnock.  Please feel free to call me Ouleye!  I'll answer to all of the above. :)

Chloe is our first child, and is nearing 15-months-old!  She started walking last week!  I am from upstate NY, and moved back to Atlanta when Raphael/Pastor W and I got married.  As a Spelman graduate, this is my second time calling Atlanta home.  However, as a new mom, I am now experiencing the city very differently now.  I'm excited to gather us together for this Ministry of Mothers!  God placed this on my heart months ago.  Since then, speaking with each of you about mom-life-related things has continuously reminded me that this ministry is needed for all of us!  It is my prayer and hope that we will find the support that we need here and that God will use us as instruments of service in each other's lives.



Meet Erika

Hi All,

First, I want to thank you Ouleye for having the vision to start this group.  I am looking forward to getting to know the others and becoming a part of a new support system.

I am an expecting mom with my first due in Jan. 2018.  While my husband and I are both from NC, we've been in Atlanta for 8 years. In addition, I've been a member of Ebenezer since 2012 and am excited about entering the motherhood journey.


Erika Perry 


Erica and Aubree

Erica and Aubree

Meet Erica

Hi Erika!  I'm Erica with a C.  

I'm a single mom of a 4-year old, Aubree. I'm from NC as well and have been in GA and a member of Ebenezer for four years. 

Nice to virtually meet everyone! 

Meet Donyelle

Good morning! 

I moved to Atl in 2012 From FL. I’ve been a member of Ebenezer Baptist Church for three years. Currently, I do not have any children but, I am praying to be married with children one day... I am joining this group to provide tips and suggestions from the perspective of a babysitter/caregiver. 

I’ve been babysitting my nephew since he was about three months old. I care for him one weekend out of the month, and visit him about twice a month. While pursuing my undergraduate education, I needed to make some money. I got a job at a daycare center and worked there for almost four years. 

At the daycare center, I worked with children ranging from ages infant to four, as an afternoon teacher/caregiver. Hopefully my perspective will be useful. 

Can’t wait to meet everyone in person. 

Donyelle Russ

Meet Neci

Hello Ladies!!

My name is Neci and I moved to Atlanta in 2014. We lost our first baby at 34 weeks but God blessed us with our 2nd child in June 2017, so I'm a new mom. I'm excited about being apart of this group. I look forward to sharing our experiences and meeting everyone. 

Neci Anderson 

Meet Shauna

Happy Thursday Ladies, 

I am excited that God placed this ministry on Ouleye's heart and that she has started this group!  My name is Shauna and I am currently 7 months pregnant with a baby boy (due Jan 5th)!  My husband and I tried to get pregnant for 5 years (Yes, 5 long years with lots of ups and downs) and after much prayer and patience, our blessing is on the way.  I have been a member of Ebenezer for 6 years and will be a first time mom.  I look forward to getting to know everyone and sharing our "pearls" and experiences. 


Shauna Gammage

Meet Mishon

Hello Ladies,

I just wanted to introduce myself and say what an exciting time this is to connect with other moms. I am a new mom to a baby girl that's just almost two weeks old. As you can imagine, I am overjoyed and completely open to additional support in this journey in motherhood. I am thankful that our First Lady of the church had this idea and notion on her mind and heart to bring us all together. I look forward to bonding and developing meaningful relationships through this group and ministry of strong women and moms. 

Mishon Williams

Meet Nicole

Good morning ladies,

Happy Friday! Thank you Ouleye for organizing! I have two girls, ages 9 and 4. I joined Ebenezer in 2002, left the country for many years and returned in 2013. Looking forward to meeting you all soon. :-) 

Kind regards,


Meet Kay

Good morning ladies and Happy Monday!

I'm very happy to join your mom's group.  My kids are 6 and 2, and I've been very blessed to have mommy friends share their insights and experiences -- it has kept me sane, and made me such a firm believer in the power of community.  

I'll post some info here that I have for Ouleye and Shauna -- maybe it can help someone else too.

(see info on our blog)

Meet Akilah

Hi All!! So excited to be a part of this group! My name is Akilah Saffold. I have a little boy (KJ) who just turned 9 and a little girl (Eva) who is 4. I'm from California but went to undergrad here in Atlanta in the late 90's 😬 and moved back again in 2006. I'm can't wait to fellowship with other moms as we figure out how to do this raising good citizens thing! :)

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Meet Veketa

Veketa, Ava, Ethan, and Mr. Smith

Veketa, Ava, Ethan, and Mr. Smith

Good morning ladies! I am Veketa Smith. I have a 16 month old girl named Ava and an almost 4 year old boy named Ethan. I grew up in Atlanta and after attending Howard for undergrad returned to Atlanta for graduate school at Emory. Parenting is so rewarding but boy is it tough at times! Looking forward to this fellowship, future play dates, and the sharing of valuable advice.



Meet Joslyn

My name is Joslyn Wynn.  I recently relocated with my husband and daughter to the Atlanta metro area a few weeks ago from Milwaukee. Our daughter Olivia is 6 months old. 

Looking forward to meeting you all this week! 

Meet Rosalyn

Hi Ladies!

I’m Rosalyn! I have a 3 year old daughter (Madison) and a 4 month old son ( Evan).  We are still adjusting to life with two kids, but we are surviving! :) We relocated to Atlanta from Chicago about 3 years ago. 

I’m looking forward to meeting you all and your little ones. 


Meet Kristy

Hi ladies!

I’m late with my introduction but my name is Kristy Rachal and I’m the proud mom of a 6-year old girl. I’m originally from Montgomery, AL but I’ve been here in Atlanta since the early 90s when I moved here to go to college.

I’m excited to be a part of the group and will try my best to make it to lunch tomorrow. 


Ebenezer Baptist Church

101 Jackson St. N.E.

Atlanta, GA 30316


Join the MoMs!

The Ministry of Mothers (MoMs) has one central purpose: To bring us together during this transitional time. The learning curve is sharp, and the daily decisions are many. Keeping Christ central in our hearts + minds guides us. Having mom-friends to pray + plan with can make all the difference! 

I hope you'll sign-up, and I look forward to fellowshipping with you soon! ~Ouleye N.W.

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